Don't Warm the Bench Next Season

Take advantage of our athletic sports performance program in Lubbock, TX

All athletes understand the importance of staying active during the off-season. Sitting on the couch and eating potato chips won't help you keep your starting position. But attending training at Victory Combat Sports Academy will. We'll customize our athletic sports performance program to meet your needs.

Our sports performance trainer in Lubbock, TX can help you get ready to play any sport. If you want to:

  • Cut around defenders on the soccer field, focus on becoming more agile
  • Knock that linebacker to the ground, work on getting stronger
  • Stay on the court during your entire basketball game, do regular conditioning

We'll also help you personalize a meal plan that will go hand-in-hand with our athletic sports performance program.

Make sure you're ready to get back on the field or court - hire our sports performance trainer to assess your performance today.

We offer customized meal plans as well as nutrition accountability coaching that can help you crush your transformation goals! We have a fully equipped weight room, cardio machines, turf, functional training and anything else you need to get the best workout of your life. All of our classes are coached by certified staff. Our facility is accessible 24/7, so there's no excuse!

Our fitness & nutrition program consists of strength and conditioning workouts

boot camps, athletic performance and skill classes, private training, and at-home workouts.