Looking for a Workout That'sChallenging and Fun?

Start attending local boxing classes and kickboxing courses in Lubbock, TX

Tired of every dinner ending in a family feud? If you and your loved ones need to let off some steam, start attending local kickboxing classes or boxing lessons at Victory Combat Sports Academy. All of our courses are family-friendly and sanctioned by the USA Boxing Commission.

For Lubbock, TX locals, our boxing classes and kickboxing courses have many benefits. Attend these classes if you need help:

  • Reducing stress - punch and kick away the stress that's been weighing you down
  • Feeling more energized - join in a high-energy local kickboxing class or boxing course to give your mind and body a boost
  • Staying in shape during the off-season - attend our courses to improve your coordination and endurance

Kick boring workout routines to the curb and start attending one of our fun courses today. If you have questions about our local boxing classes or kickboxing lessons, call 806-559-7626.

Not only will you get a great workout, but you will also develop real, valuable kickboxing and boxing skills as you get into optimal shape. You'll improve your abilities in punching, kicking and kneeing techniques as well as your footwork and body mechanics. Our bag workouts are designed to help you reach your fitness goals and improve your skills. Most importantly, the workouts are challenging and fun! We are a sanctioned facility by the USA Boxing Commission

Our boxing and kickboxing classes are open to

competitors and non-competitors alike